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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


EPF Newsletter: In the July EPF Newsletter, Heiner Köberich, the EPF General Secretary, voiced his objections to the proposal that the EPF Newsletter be emailed rather than posted to those Federations with email facilities. The General Secretary thanks all those people who sent emails and letters regarding this matter.

European Masters Powerlifing Championships: Petro Fedorovych organised a very successful 2002 European Masters Powerlifting Championships, in the town of Kolomyia, Ukraine. There was an excellent atmosphere at the championships, and over thirty European and World Masters records were broken. A total of 19 doping tests were performed, which represents nearly 20% of the lifters. The EPF General Secretary would specifically like to thank Sergey Minchenko for his assistance during the competition.

EU Cup: The Dutch Federation hosted the 2002 EU Cup at the Papendal National Sports Centre, near Arnhem. The event was well run and the venue was superb. Heiner Köberich would like to thank Henk Keizer, Ad Schenkels and the Dutch Federation for organising such a successful competition. The EU Cup Committee decided that from next year, the competition will be extended to three days.

Membership Fees: Latvia, Slovenia, and Portugal have still not paid their 2002 EPF Memberships Fees. These nations are now suspended from the EPF and IPF, excluding them from future European and World Championships. In order to lift their suspensions, the Federations must pay the Membership Fee of €250, plus a €70 fine for late payment.

Doping Control Results: All tests from the 2002 European Masters and Junior Championships were negative.

Note: The original version of this newsletter is available for download as a Word document.