EPF Info December 1998

1. 1998 Women's European Powerlifting Championships
2. 1999 Men's European Powerlifting Championships Invitation
3. Other Business

1. 1998 Women's European Powerlifting Championships

The venue for the 1998 Women's European Powerlifting Championships was changed from Krivovograd to Cherkasy, where only 2 weeks previously the biggest ever IPF Men's Worlds were held. In contrast with then Men's Worlds, the 1998 Women's Europeans was the smallest in EPF history with only 47 athletes. However, despite the low attentance, the lifting was of a very high standard with many records being set together with personal bests. Anatoly Stetsenko, the Meet Director, organised the event perfectly.

The temperature in Cherkasy was much lower then 14 days earlier, and there was much more snow but fortunately this did not affect the transport arrangements. The banquet was excellent, with far more food than the guests were able to eat. It should be noted that in what was her last powerlifting competition, Ingeborg Marx won the Best Lifter award - from next year she is concentrating on Weightlifting.

2. 1999 Men's European Powerlifting Championships Inivitation

It should be noted that there will be a referees clinic at the Championships for the invitied nations - it is hoped that after this clinic, no federation will be without a referee.

3. Other Business

A) The 1999 Membership fee of 400DM per nation is now due. It is cheaper to pay in cash at the next Championships rather than bank-transfer, but nations wishing to transfer funds can obtain the account number and bank details from the EPF Secretary. It is hoped that most nations will pay at the Bench Worlds in Amberg.

B) Positive drug test results: Hans van der Bourgh - European Masters Bench in Köflach. He loses his last place and the Dutch Federation must pay a 300DM fine to the EPF. Panez Pracownic - tested positive for anabolics at the European Bench Press in Trencin. He loses his second place, must send back the medal and the Polish federation must pay a 300DM fine to the EPF. Amended results:

67.5 kg
 1 Valerie Bogdanov	70  65.0 rus 187.5   149.10
 2 Alexande Cernisov	66  66.0 ukr 170.0   133.48
 3 Andreas Röhr		68  67.4 ger 170.0   131.22
 4 Vladimir Godunov	74  66.8 blr 165.0   128.28
 5 Janne Jäppilä	75  67.0 fin 162.5   126.03
 - Marek Siedlecki	57  66.9 pol
 - Sergey Skoryk	70  67.0 ukr
dq Pavel Pracownik	73  65.5 pol 175.0   138.26
C) As the year ends I would like to thank all member nations for their cooperation during the year, especially those nations which have organised the European Meets and helped to move our sport forward. Thanks are also due to the members of the EPF Executive, who have worked very well together. So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in the hope that the 1999 brings an even higher standard as our sport is developed further and further.
Heiner Köberich, EPF Secretary. Edited for the Internet by David Hinchley.
| David Hinchley 23 Dec 1998