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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


Changed date for the European Masters: Unfortunately the Italian PF was not able to organize the European Masters in July this year. They gave the championship back to EPF and we are very pleased that Michal Capla, the President of the Slovak Powerlifting Association, has offered to run the championship in Trencin in Slovakia. Trencin has stated many World and European championships and I am sure this will be another well organised championship in this nice city with the impressive castle above.

Suspended EPF member:The Georgian PF is suspended from EPF membership due to lack of membership payment in 2004. No lifters or officials from Georgia can participate in any European championships or cups until the membership for 2004 is paid.

Payment of the EPF membership 2005:The national EPF membership fee for 2005 is €250 if paid within January. For each month later €10 are added to the fee meaning that the fee in February is €260, March is €270, April is €280 and May is €290. If your federation has not paid the membership fee please be quick to avoid the additional costs. Please remember that any transfer costs must be paid by the sender.

World Games News:The IPF EC has nominated from Europe 17 Women and 16 Men to the World Games. Originally, only 13 Women and 13 Men were selected from the totally world wide group of 36 Women and 36 men allowing to take part in the World Games. However, other Regions had problems to fill their groups with qualified lifters, so Europe was lucky to have more lifters. When writing this info, the registration is going on and it is urgent to receive the application forms from the participants. The early registration is required by the World Games Organizing Committee and IPF is bound by deadlines for providing all information.

Jan Wilczynski looses his EPF Hall of Fame award:At the World Masters Championships in India, Jan Wilczynski from Poland tested positive and is suspended by the IPF DC for 2 years. Wilczynski was awarded EPF Hall of Fame in 2001 and according to our rules he now looses this distinction and must return the Hall of Fame diploma. The Hall of Fame award is the highest distinction in the EPF and only a few lifters and officials are elected by the EPF Executive members and the Congress to receive this award. Personally, I am very disappointed and sorry to hear that Wilczynski was caught in doping abuse. I met him first time in 1984 during an international competition in Zory in Poland and he has been an international lifter of high standard since then. He is also a good referee and I personally brought his name forward to the Congress 2001 for being awarded Hall of Fame.

Doping tests at the European Masters Championships in Havirov 07-11 June 2004: Following lifters were tested: 44kg Boulle Liliane FRA, 60kg Keizer Aly NED, 67.5kg Timm Anita GER, 75kg Moscianese Maria ITA, 90kg Beer Rosemaria AUT, 52kg Minquoy Serge FRA, 60kg Nivault Marcel FRA, 67.5kg Garcia Yves FRA, 75kg Häusler Wilfried GER, 100kg Cialdini Roberto ITA, 67.5kg Jasinski Adam POL, 75kg Oksanen Ari FIN, 82.5kg Barnes David GBR, 90kg Leontyev Alexander RUS, 125kg Klepac Pavel CZE. The samples were analysed at the Prague laboratory and Pavel Klepac from Czech Republic tested positive and he is suspended for 2 years.

Doping tests at the European Women Championships in Trencin 25-28 November 2004: Following lifters were tested: 52kg LAFINA OLESYA RUS, 56kg ELTSOVA TATYANA RUS, 56kg PRYMENCHUK TETYAN UKR, 60kg TATAROVA IRINA RUS, 60kg MATEJOVA DANA SVK, 60kg VITSYEVSKA LARYSA UKR, 67.5kg DITTLER ANNA HUN, 75kg BLIKRA INGER NOR, 75kg GIBSON MARIAN GBR, 82.5kg MURASHOVA ALEXANDRA RUS, 90kg HERCHENHEIN ULLA GER, 90+kg KARPOVA GALIVA RUS, The doping samples were analyzing by the Cologne laboratory but the outcome is not yet official.

European lifters of year 2004: Larysa Vitsiyevska from Ukraine and Sergey Fedosienko from Russia are awarded European Lifters of year 2004. These two lifters have the highest score at the Open Europeans and Worlds last year. The award – an engraved silver coated plate – will be handed over at an international championship. Congratulations!

Invitation to the European Congress 2005: The EPF Congress will take part in Hamm, Luxembourg 18 May 2005, starting at 18:00 hours in the hotel Ibis. Amendments to the EPF Constitution and the By Laws and other proposals to be included in the Congress Agenda, must be in the hands of the GS latest 18 March 2005. Please prepare to confirm your bids for organising European championships and cups in 2006 and 2007 and prepare new bids for 2008. Here the order of business:

Roll Call
President’s Address
Minutes of the last Congress
Treasurer’s Report
Finance Secretary’s Report
General Secretary’s Report
Committee Reports
Election (no election this year)
Action on proposed amendments
New Member Applicants
Delinquent Nations
Hall of Fame
Future Championships
Any Other Business

This invitation was first time sent by e-mail to all member federations and posted at the EPF web in January. I wish you all welcome to the Congress!

Danube Cup: At short notice the Slovak PF took on the organisation of the Danube Cup 2005. Invitation was posted at the EPF web in January. I am very pleased by the positive attitude from President Michal Capla, Danube Cup Secretary Pavol Müller and Meet Director Pavol Kovalcik and their team to be willing to organise this international championship. I really hope that the federations invited to this cup will send teams.

Invitations to European Championships: All invitations to European championships and cups are posted at the EPF web (http://www.europowerlifting.org ) as soon as they are completed. By now the following invitations are issued: the Danube Cup, the Open Europeans, the Masters European and the Masters European Bench Press while the European Juniors is preparing.

Greetings from the President: The most focused championship this year is the World Games organised in Germany. This is the Olympic Games for sports not taking part in the Olympics. Due to the limited space of accommodation and the limited time length of the organising, the numbers of participants are restricted for the 30+ participating sports. Powerlifting is granted 72 lifters and IPF has given each of the 6 Regions their quota giving the best lifters in each Region the opportunity to take part. As this World Games is focused by all international Federations and the IOC top officials, IPF will do the outmost to give a good impression to show the high quality of the powerlifting sport. We will be judged out from the organising quality, the lifters attitude and performances and also the professionalism of our referees and other officials. What can harm us most of all is if any lifters are testing positive. Every organiser of European International Championships must now ( from 2005) sign the following 3 contracts with EPF:

1 Promoter’s Contract
2 Doping Control Agreement
3 Technical Checklist

By these contracts all Organisers know their duties but also their rights. The intention is to have a high and equal standard of all our championships. A new year has started and I wish all organisers good luck with hosting their championships and again I will encourage all lifters and officials to play fair and work against doping abuse.

Published by Arnulf Wahlstrøm, EPF President

Note: This newsletter is also available for download as a Word Document