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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


1 Official Registration of EPF in Norway: EPF as organisation must be officially registered in the country of the President. Several attempts have been made to register EPF in the Norwegian National registry but interpretation from English to Norwegian of all official EPF documents (Constitution , By laws, Congress Minutes etc) has made this to a time consuming and cumbersome process. However, now all interpretations has been done and documents, certificates etc are worked out and accepted. The EPF organisation number is: 982 755 867.
It is important for any major organisation to be official registered. This gives the organisation an official recognition and is important in cases like: making contracts or communication with Governments, Television, Sponsors etc; any trading of powerlifting products, articles etc; in case of any civil legal processes.
2 European Master Championships in Trencin, Slovakia: The Slovakia PF took on the organization of this championship in short notice as Italy withdrew as organizer early this year. The organising people in Trencin and the Slovakia PF, headed by the Capla brothers and Pavol Müller, did as always a splendid job organising a good competition with well prepared accommodation facilities. What we want to see in the future at all our European championships is that also the equipment in the warming up area is of IPF certified standard. 16 lifters were tested and the samples analyzed by the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne. All samples were negative. The following lifters were tested: Joke v.d. Meulen NED, Liliane Boule FRA, Sue Tyson GBR, Horst Dieter DEN, Wilfried Hausler GER, Sandro Rossi ITA, Josef Masha CZE, Andre Servant FRA, Giummarra Franco ITA, Reinhard Melzig GER, Stefan Kolsovsky SLO, Viktor Naleykin UKR, Karel Ruso CZE, Francois Kalic FRA, Andy Rodney GBR, Sergey Sidenko RUS.
3 New EPF bank account: As the newly elected EPF treasurer, Alain Hammang, lives in Luxembourg, EPF has opened a new account in this country. The data of the new account are as follows:

European Powerlifting Federation
LU30 0019 2055 5957 1000

Please use this account number when making your transfers and send an e-mail to Alain Hammang (hammalai@pt.lu) informing the reason for your payment. In the future EPF will request that all payments regarding membership fees, doping fees, championships fees etc. are made by bank transfer.

4 Danube cup in Bratislava, Slovakia: Thanks to the Slovakia PF for taking on the Danube cup this year. Relatively few lifters took part in the competition but the organisation and also the results were of good standard. In the future this cup will be organised only every second year. All 8 doping samples collected at the Danube cup were negative: Gavorníková Monika SVK, Sedlácková Jana SVK, Vidišcáková Ingrid SVK, Marinova Marianna BUL, Csete Bernadett HUN, Kolšovský Štefan SVK, Malinovský Tomáš SVK, Graubauer Harald AUT.
5 European Junior Championships in Mariupol, Ukraine: Report by Kseniya Aloyeva. Relatively few lifters took part in this championship probably because some nations have problems to organize the travelling. The championship was organised in the big cultural centre named “Metallurg” and the venue was very well prepared. Beautiful medals were handed over for the totals and crystal cups for the 3 best champion of the champions and teams. The secretary and computer system was presented with big score sheet from several multimedia projectors and the program was the same as for the Men’s Open in Luxembourg. The bar and plates on the platform were from Ivanko but the rack stand was not from IPF approved manufactures. The loaders were effective and worked very fast. The transportation from hotels to venue was also well organised but many nations had problems with paying the hotel accommodation as the organiser charged higher taxes than the real price for the hotel and also higher than was stated in the invitation. The banquet was well organised and Sergiy Bubka, EC member of IOC, was present and took part in the victory ceremony. The following lifters were doping tested: Kozyupa Svitlana UKR Poletaeva Irina RUS Skrypka Tatiana UKR Vermenyuk Valentina RUS Rantala Hanna FIN Scheglova Valeria RUS Skotchek Sergey RUS Danilov Konstantin RUS Hentschel Andre GER Zamornikov Vadim RUS Dovganuk Vadim UKR Lindholm Marcel FIN Shepel Oleksandr UKR Klyuchev Aleksandr RUS Yarymbash Yevgenij UKR. The samples are analysed in Austrian Research Centres Seibersdorf research GmbH, IOC/WADA accredited Laboratory for Doping Analysis
6 Medals to lifters over 70 years: At the IPF Congress in November 2004 it was decided to honour male lifters over 70 years and female lifter over 60 years with medals for the total based on Wilks points. This is effective in the EPF Master Championships and EPF Master Bench Press Championships as well as other international competitions where Master lifters participate. So please organisers, keep this in mind when ordering medals. However, the lifters in this age groups are competing in the body categories for Master 3 (Men) and Master 2 (Women) respectively.
7 Western European Cup in Igualada , Spain: Spain has not organized any European championship since the Women Europeans in Madrid in 1990. The organiser of the WEC in Igualada faced a lot of problems to prepare the venue and the warming up in time. Also the equipment in the warming up room was fare below the standard EPF requires. Thanks to good support from the EPF officials the championship could after all be accomplished in a good way. The organising crew gained great experience from this organisation and I am sure this will be of crucial importance if Spain decides to host another international championship. Doping tests were carried out on the following lifters: Hernandez,Felipe ESP Bettati, Stefano ITA Bowring, Dean GBR Hollaus, Karin AUT Rordriques, Paulo POR.
8 Stall space for IPF sponsors at European Championships. New decision by the IPF EC: In the EPF Promoters Contract, a paragraph (10.3) states that organisers of European championships should grant all IPF sponsors the right to purchase retail stall space. This means that the organiser should not give the sole right to one sponsor but accept that all sponsors may rent a table to sell equipment. Some of the IPF EC wanted this paragraph removed from the IPF Promoters Contract and the case was discussed at the IPF EC meeting in Duisburg in connection with the World Games. The majority of the IPF EC members decided that this paragraph shall be reinstalled in the IPF Promoters Contract and by this decision the EPF Promoters Contract as well will continue to include this paragraph. This means that no organiser of an European Championship is allowed to give the sole right to only one IPF Sponsor for selling his equipment at the Europeans but must give equal terms to all IPF sponsors that want to buy a stall space.
9 Antidoping round table discussion in Slovakia: Pavol Müller (EPF DC and Finance chairman) reports the following: 22 August I took part at round table to discuss the final draft of the International convention against doping in sport held in Bratislava. I and M.Capla received invitation from Minister of Education of the Slovak republic. On the base of discussions I have to say that elimination of doping in sport is a problem relating to human rights, local law and of course money. For me it was a very interesting to discuss with Mr. Marc Vouillamoz, head of the anti doping unit in UEFA, which confirmed me what I told several times that powerlifting must have qualified persons in committees . For example their anti doping panel consists of 4 top experts in medicine and 1expert in law. At round table took part Mr. Koichiro Matsuura Director General of UNESCO, Mr. David Howman Director General of WADA, Prof.Klaus R.Müller Chair of Monitoring Group of the Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention, representatives of National Anti Doping Committees from Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czech republic and Slovakia. Representatives from only five sport federations took part: football, basket ball, ice hockey, athletic bodybuilding and powerlifting.
10 Suspended lifters.: Following lifters tested positive at the European Women Championships in November 2004: Dana Matejova from Slovakia and Irina Tatarova from Russia. Both are suspended for 2 years as they tested positive on the anabolic agent Mesterolon. The suspensions end 19 and 18 January 2007 respectively. At the Open Europeans in Luxembourg following lifters tested positive: Stoan Andreev, Plamen Krumov and Alexander Nikolov – all from Bulgaria. All are suspended for 2 years as they tested positive on Stanozolol. The suspension ends 15 June 2007.
11 Report from the Master’s European Championships in Beroun, Czech Rep: 147 lifters from 16 countries took part in the championship and the organiser, headed by meet director Vladimir Mati, was well prepared and did a splendid work during the championship. The Mayor of the Beroun town, Mr. Besser, greeted all participants. Jiri Hofirek and Kseniya Aloyeva supported the organiser with technical matters and the doping control. Following lifters were doping tested: Takacova Hana CZE, Beer Rosemarie AUT, Speth Eva GER, Friedrich Marion GER, Taret Daniele FRA, Gallart Pierre FRA, Nylund Christer FIN, Russo Jose ITA, Böhm Rudolf CZE, Launonen Ilkka GER, Plavka Pavol SVK, Pawlik Piotr POL, Rajala Erkki FIN, Friedrich Veiko GER, Kinghorn Ian GBR, Kaisch Tomas HUN, Sundberg Peter SWE, Lochner Jürgen GER.
12 Report from the European Bench Press Championships in Mosonmagyarovar: Reported by Jiri Hofirek. The 11th European open Bench Press Championships was the best championship that has been organized in Hungary. At the Opening ceremony on Thursday evening at Mosonmagyarovar place, a lot of people were present. The opening speeches were done by the Mayor of the town, the vice Sport Minister of the town, President of Hungarian Powerlifting Federation and Pavol Müller as the EPF Official. There were shows of young Hungarian artists at the ceremony. Also the opening ceremony on Friday morning in the Venue was very nice. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it was full auditorium of spectators and the people were standing at the side line. The warming-up room was very large with 6 platforms with high quality equipment. There was sufficient amount of referees. But it was quite different interpretation of rules by several referees. By my opinion the reason for this is the complicated and outlived IPF rules. Doping tested lifters: Takacova Hana CZE, Beer Rosemarie AUT, Svjantekova Eva SVK, Kiss Melinda HUN, Olsson Anna SWE, Kozdryk Justyna POL, Strik Maria Catharina Adriana NED, Kuliashou Yauhen BLR, Zakiev Ayrat RUS, Wegiera Jan POL, Onozo Szabolocs HUN, Nilsoon Per SWE, Sandvik Kenneth FIN, Meszaros Laszlo HUN, Matasov Evgeniy RUS.
13 Greetings from the President: Most of the European championships this year are organised with great success. Only the European championships for Women are left to be organized Though we see an improvement in the technical standard at the Europeans from year to year, EPF still like to call attention to the warming up area at our championships. It is very important for our lifters to get good conditions in the warming up to achieve the best on the platform. Due to this the equipment in the warming up area MUST be of IPF recognized standard with at least 5 fully equipped platforms and with good space around. It is also important that the organiser limit the access to the warming up area to prevent that a lot of people with no proper function are present. I will ask all organizers in the future to focus on the warming up area and prepare the area according to the IPF and EPF standard. The EPF Executive will focus on this when bids are honoured for organising European championships.

Published by Arnulf Wahlstrøm, EPF President

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