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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


EPF Congress Report: The EPF President, Arnulf Wahlstrøm, has published his 2002 EPF Congress Report.

Women's European Powerlifting Championships: The Finnish Federation has clarifed the Transport and Hotel costs for the 2002 Women's European Powerlifting Championships. Please see the updated invitation for details.

European Masters Powerlifting Championships: The Ukrainian Federation has reported a small increase in the cost of Accomodation and Travel at the 2002 European Masters Powerlifting Championships. In addition, a second Hotel is now available. Please see the updated invitation for details.

Membership Fees: Austria, France, Iceland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Belarus and Portugal have still not paid their 2002 EPF Memberships Fees. These nations must pay immediately or risk suspension from the EPF and IPF, excluding them from future European and World Championships. The Fee is €250, plus a €50 fine for late payment.

Danube Cup Doping Control Results: The Cologne laboratory has confirmed that the athletes selected for doping control at the 2002 Danube Cup all tested negative. The three athletes tested were Dora Vari-Szabo (HUN), Peter Lehocky (SVK), and Richard Lettner (AUT)

Note: The original version of this newsletter is available for download as a Word document.

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