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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


1 Congress Agenda: The Agenda for the EPF Congress on 18 May in Luxembourg will be distributed by email to all member federations by 18 April. A copy will also be posted on the EPF website. This year the Constitution and Bylaws shall be revised in full and a copy will be distributed with the Agenda. Please bring your own copies to the Congress!
2 Retirement of Ralph Farquharson:Unfortunately our General Secretary and Treasurer, Ralph Farquharson, has informed that he will retire from his offices. The reason is that Ralph has taken on a new work in Spain and his employer has denied him free to join the Congress and he will also face the same problem travelling to Europeans in the future. We have to respect that the private life must prevail to the hobby, as all our work for the powerlifting sport must be considered as a hobby as long as it is voluntarily and not paid. I am very sad to see Ralph leaving the EC as he has done the work for EPF in an excellent way and contributed in the EC work in the best way. Due to this, an election of a new General Secretary and a new Treasurer will take place at the Congress. All member nations are invited to put forward good candidates that are willing to work hard and unselfish for our sport and are willing to take on one of these central functions in the EPF administration.
3 Report from the Danube Cup: By Jiri Hofirek. 12 Women and 16 Men from 4 nations took part in the Danube Cup. Best lifters were Jana Sedlaekova (SVK) and Stoyan Andreev (BUL). The venue was only 80m from the hotel so it was no need for any bus transport. The bars, collars and the discs for the competition were from Leoko and squat and bench from ER-Equipment. There was very good visible and perceptible scoreboard and a clock in the venue. There was a large warming-up area with plenty of place for lifters and coaches and 3 set of barbells with many discs from 1.25 to 25 kg. The competition was very well organised and the banquet was perfect in the hotel with plenty of food and drinks. 5 Danube Cup records for Men and 3 records for Women were broken and the results can be viewed on the EPF website.
4 World Games News:The World Games take part in Germany from 14 to 24 July. 45 different sports are staged in four cities and 36 of them are official IWGA members while the others are so-called invitation sports. It is estimated that about 3000 sportsmen and women will fight for all in all 177 medals. The powerlifting competition is organised in Duisburg 16 and 17 July and the lifters are competing in 3 groups for Women and 3 groups for Men according to the Wilks score. As some nominated lifters from other regions have withdrawn, the IPF EC has nominated from Europe 20 Women and 16 Men to the World Games. Originally, only 13 Women and 13 Men were selected from the totally world wide group of 36 Women and 36 Men allowing to take part in the World Games. The nominated list can be seen at the IPF web (www.powerlifting-ipf.com). Thanks to the IPF Gen. Secretary Detlev Albrings, all arrangements with the application and reservation of accommodation are now completed for lifters and officials.
5 Western European Cup:Spain is hosting the Western European cup this year near Barcelona. Spain has not hosted an European championships for many years, so I really hope the invited member nations will send lifters and officials to support this organisation. Last year the WEC was organised in Norway with great success and both lifters and officials had a great time as nearly half of the inhabitants in the small town of Sauda went to the competition hall to view and applaud the lifting. July may not be the best time in the future to organise the WEC as it is vacation time in most European countries. We will discuss at the Congress to move the date to late September from next year.
6 Greetings from the President: The yearly EPF Congress is the forum all members can inflate on the development of the EPF. I will ask all delegates to be well prepared and it is important that proposals, candidates to EPF administration etc. is thoroughly discussed internal in each member federations so the delegates have a real mandate at the Congress. As our Gen. Secr. and Treasurer Ralph Farquharson withdraws we have to elect his successor(s) and preferably we want to elect one person as General Secretary and another as Treasurer. These positions are one of the most important in the EPF EC and we need really good persons to take on these duties as it require hard and punctual working. It is also important that the new officials can co-operate in a good manner with both the other EPF officials and the member federations. I look forward seeing you all at the Congress or the Open Europeans!

Published by Arnulf Wahlstrøm, EPF President

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