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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


1 Report from the EPF Congress: Delegates from 18 nations took part at the EPF Congress in Luxembourg 18 May. Useful discussions took part and new members to the Executive board were elected.
As Ralph Farquharson withdrew from his positions as General Secretary and Treasurer, the following new persons were elected: Dietmar Wolf from Norway was elected General Secretary and Alain Hammang, Luxembourg was elected Treasurer. As Dietmar Wolf’s successor as Chairman for the Law & Legislation Committee, Kseniya Aloyeva from Ukraine was elected. The function period for all is until the next EPF election Congress in 2007.
Doping fee:
From 1 January 2006 the doping fee is raised from 30 Euro to 50 Euro.
Payment of the participation and the doping fees:
A new rule was accepted stating that a federation has to pay the participation fee and the doping fee for all lifters nominated at the final nomination form. Withdrawal of lifters stated at the nomination list can be made until 7 days prior to the technical meeting for the competition to avoid paying the fee for those. If a reservation fee for the accommodation hotel is specified for a championship, this fee must be paid for lifters not taking part in the competition if information of their withdrawal is not given latest 7 days prior to the technical meeting.
Banquet fee:
An organiser may charge a maximum fee of 20 Euro for the banquet costs.
2 Hall of Fame: Pavol Müller from Slovakia and Andy Kerr from Great Britain were both awarded the prestigious distinction Hall of Fame at the Congress. Both have served the powerlifting sport in an exemplary manner for many years. Congratulation to both!
3 Organisers of European championships: At the Congress only 3 organisers gave bid for organising European championships in 2008. All member federations are asked to discuss this situation and hopefully some federations can take on the organisation of championships where venues are requested. Please give your bid to Championship Secretary Jiri Hofirek.
4 Knee length socks must be worn in deadlift: At the Open Europeans in Hamm, several lifters did not check in knee length socks at the equipment check. Knee socks must be worn I dead lift and this is mandatory to protect the lifter from the sharp knurling at the bar avoiding blood when the skin is heart.
5 Danube Cup: The Danube cup, organised in Bratislava 18-20 March, was very well organised as reported in the last EPF Info. It is decided that in the future the Danube cup will be organised every second year. Here the name of the 8 lifters which were doping tested: Gavorníková Monika SVK, Sedlácková Jana SVK, Vidišcáková Ingrid SVK, Marinova Marianna BUL, Csete Bernadett HUN, Kolšovský Štefan SVK, Mihok Anton SVK, Malinovský Tomáš,SVK, Graubauer Harald AUT.
6 Western European Cup: It was discussed at the Congress to move the date of the WEC from late July to late September from 2007. The conclusion was that the EC and the nations concerned will discuss this. For the moment we have no organiser for the WEC in 2007 and 2008. Any organiser interested will be given the option to discuss what date is most suitable.
7 Open Europeans in Hamm, Luxembourg: The Open Europeans was organised 19-22 May with 95 lifters from 20 nations. This was an extraordinary well organised championship. Experienced people prepared everything in a medium size sport hall thinking of all necessary details to make the championship a big success. Alain Hammang and Gaston Parage, in head of the clever organising crew, can be proud of this championship and the loaders were one of the fastest I have ever seen at any championship. Lifters and officials were extremely comfortable during this championship and the day the local champion, Anibal Coimbra, very successfully won a silver medal, the hall was full of spectators and the national television was recording. Many World and European records were broken and hard fights of medals and the placings made this to a very exciting championship. Doping controls were carried out on the following lifters: Sergey Fedosienko RUS, Konstantin Pavlov RUS, Dariusz Wszola POL, Ayrat Zakiev RUS, Hassan El Beghiti FRA, Phillip Richard GBR, Jaroslaw Olech POL, Roberto Sacco ITA, Jacek Spychala POL, Dimitrii Dvornikov RUS, Jan Wegiera POL, Sergey Bogdanov RUS, Robert Michailov BUL, Thomas Loitelsberger AUT, Michal Wilk POL, Daniele Ghirardi ITA, Alexander Nikolov BUL, Jiri Hornik CZE, Sergiy Romanenko RUS, Maxim Barkhatov RUS, Anibal Coimbra LUX, Petr Theuser CZE, Plamen Krumov BUL, Roland Kanya HUN, Csaba Czegeny HUN, Nikoly Suslov RUS, Ihnat Belausov BLR, Stoyan Andreev BUL, Sergiy Makrushin UKR, Orhan Bilican BEL, Andrey Malanichev RUS, Ove Lehto FIN, Vladimir Bondarenko RUS, Frode Rui NOR, Jörgen Ljungberg SWE, Vasyl Orobets UKR.
8 Payment by bank: A new EPF account will be established in Luxembourg, the country in which our new Treasurer, Alain Hamming, lives. Hammang is working in a bank and he is a professional book- keeper. He has required that EPF must execute all payments in and out of the EPF account by electronic transfer. All EU member countries and most of the other federations from other European countries should have no problem to use the modern banking system. So, in the future all membership fees, championship fees, participation fees, doping fees, fines etc. must be paid by bank. Information will be given when the new EPF account in Luxembourg is established. Also the present EPF account in Spain will be in power at least until the end of year 2005.
9 Stall space for IPF sponsors at European Championships: In the EPF Promoters Contract, a paragraph (10.3) states that organisers of European championships should grant all IPF sponsors the right to purchase retail stall space. This means that the organiser should not give the sole right to one sponsor but accept that all sponsors may rent a table to sell equipment. For the moment IPF has taken away the same paragraph in the corresponding IPF Promoters Contract, so EPF will do the same in future EPF contracts. My opinion is that the lifters and organisers have benefit from allowing more sponsors to pay for the rights of selling equipment at the Europeans but for the moment the organisers are not bound to allow this.
10 Separate medals in individual lifts: At the Congress a vote took part to decide if individual medals should be awarded for the 3 first places in squat, bench press and dead lift in each category at an European championship in powerlifting. This proposal was voted down - probably out of two reasons. As the powerlifting sport consists of 3 individual lifts the highlight should be to award the best lifters in total and not stimulate each individual lift. The second was that some delegates found it not correct to award medals to lifters that may bomb out in one of the individual lifts but placing at the top in another. After all, in a powerlifting competition the main goal must be to fulfil all the 3 individual lifts.
11 Greetings from the President: The yearly EPF Congress in Luxembourg was organised in a good atmosphere and decisions accepted were all made with a large majority. However, I am somewhat concerned that we had very few bids from future organisers of European championships and cups. A few member federations have taken on several Europeans the last years but after all EPF consist of about 30 member nations so one should expect that more federations should like to give bids. Russia, being a great organiser, has not organised an European championship since the very successful Open Europeans in Syktyvkar in 2001. I should like to see more Europeans being organised in Russia, the federation in EPF with the strongest lifters. Every federation needs usually a strong local club to have a successful organisation of an Europeans. Many trained helpers are needed and they can best be recruited from clubs in the local area. I will ask the federations to work with the strongest clubs in their federation and stimulate and help them to start planning for a big international championship, preferably an European championship. The EPF Championship Secretary, Jiri Hofirek, looks forward to hear from you regarding organisation of the European Juniors and the European Masters in 2008 besides WEC in 2007 and 2008 and the Danube Cup in 2007.

Published by Arnulf Wahlstrøm, EPF President

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