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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


Address Form: National Federations are asked to complete the Address Form and return it to Heiner Köberich, the EPF General Secretary. Federations should indicate on the form which officials are to receive the EPF Info, with a maximum of two persons per nation.

Membership Fees: The General Secretary requests that National Federations pay their 2003 EPF membership fees in advance, at either the Men's Worlds in Slovakia, the Women's Europeans in Finland or the Bench Press Worlds in Luxembourg. The fee is €250.

Non-Approved Bars and Plates: Organisers of European championships are reminded that from 01 Jan 2003, the bar and plates used on the lifting platform MUST be from one of the IPF approved manufacturers - Eleiko, Leoko or Ivanko. Organisers are also encouraged to use IPF approved squat and bench press stands, available from ER Equipment in Denmark. Note that the €1500 fine for using non-approved equipment exceeds the cost of purchasing an approved bar and plates. European championships organisers wishing to purchase equipment should contact the EPF President or General Secretary, who will help them order direct from the approved manufacturers at the lowest possible prices.

Note: The original version of this newsletter is available for download as a Word document.