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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


1 Invitation to the EPF Congress 2006: The EPF Congress will take part in Prostejov, Czech Rep. Tuesday 9. May 2006, starting at 18:00 hours in the Hotel Tennis Club. Amendments to the EPF Constitution and the By Laws and other proposals to be included in the Congress Agenda, must be in the hands of the GS latest 9. March 2006. Please prepare to confirm your bids for organising European championships and cups in 2007 and 2008 and prepare new bids for 2009.

Here the order of business:

  • Roll Call
  • President’s Address
  • Minutes of the last Congress
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Finance Secretary’s Report
  • General Secretary’s Report
  • Committee Reports
  • Election (no election this year)
  • Action on proposed amendments
  • New Member Applicants
  • Delinquent Nations
  • Hall of Fame
  • Future Championships
  • Any Other Business
  • Adjournment
Welcome to the Congress! Invitation to the championship is posted at the EPF web.
2 European Women’s Championships in Hungary: The championship was organised in Oroshaza and the venue was very well prepared for the competition. The opening ceremony was great with music and dancers of high standard and the banquet was also well organised with good food. In general this was a well organised championship but there were also some shortcomings. The scoreboard did not work at all and the warm up equipment was not according to IPF standard. Also the transport between the airport and Orazhaza caused very long waiting time at the airport for some participants.

Lifters tested were: Sokovnina, Oxana (48) RUS Plaksyva, Mariana (60) UKR Poletaeva, Irina (60) RUS Orsini, Antoinetta (67,5) ITA Blikra, Inger (75) NOR Zaugolova, Yulia (75) RUS Dedulyla, Svetlana (82,5) RUS Yavorska, Iryna (90) UKR Olentytsya, Viktoria (90+) UKR. The doping samples were sent to the laboratory in Cologne for being analyzed.

3 Change in the Calendar for future championships: ADuring an EC meeting in November, the EC decided to make a slight change in the Calendar from year 2007. The WEC shall be organised in mid/late September and the European Bench Press Championships will take part in mid/late November.
4 Western European Championships: At the EPF EC meeting during the Worlds in Miami it was decided to change the name of the Western European Cup to Western European Championships. Further, the team points shall be according to the Wilks points and not by category places. Hopefully, this will make this tournament more prestigious for the participants.
5 Change of organising places for two Europeans in 2006: Report by Kseniya Aloyeva. The organisation of the Open Europeans had to be switched from Brno to Prostejov in Czech Rep. The reason was the high hotel prices in Brno besides that Prostejov offered very good facilities with accommodation and venue in the same area in a large sport centre. The organisation city for the European Juniors has been changed from Trencin to Bratislava.
6 Change in rules for electing lifters to EPF Hall of Fame: At the IPF Congress in November 2004 it was decided to honour male lifters over 70 years and female lifter over 60 years with medals for the total based on Wilks points. At the IPF Congress in Miami a change in the rules for electing lifters to Hall of Fame was decided. This is automatically adopted by the EPF. Part of the text was taken away to make it easier to elect active lifters. Below is the rule with the changes lined out:

EPF By Laws 105.7. Election to Hall of Fame The Executive decides prior to the Congress, after having received the bids from nations, whom will be awarded Hall of Fame. The appointed persons will be honored at the Congress. No one can be elected to Hall of Fame as a lifter until minimum of two years have been passed after that he/she has finished his/her career as lifter of international level in the Open category.

7 Suspension of members: Due to lack of EPF membership payments in 2004 as well as 2005, the Latvian PF is suspended from EPF membership. No lifters from this federation can participate in European or World championships until the outstanding payment is made.

According to EPF By Laws 103.10 the following federations face suspension from EPF membership from 1 January 2006 due to lack of membership payment for year 2005: Armenia PF, Greece PF, Israel PF, Lithuania PF, Malta PF, Romania PF and Slovenia PF.

8 Medals awarded in each discipline at European championships: The EPF EC has been requested by the IPF to follow the rules of awarding medals or awards for first, second and third places in individual lifts of squat, bench press and deadlift at European championships. The EPF EC discussed this at the board meeting in Miami and decided that EPF should follow the IPF By Laws with regard to this. This means that all organisers of European championships in 2006 and on must also prepare additional medals for such awarding besides the medals for the total.
9 Suspended lifters: Following 9 (!) lifters tested positive at the European Open Championships in May 2005: Maxim Barkhatov and Sergey Fediosenko from Russia, Csaba Czegeny and Roland Kanya from Hungary, Alexander Nikolov, Plamen Krumov and Stoyan Andreev from Bulgaria, Sergiy Makrushin from Ukraine and finally Ihnat Belausov from Belarus. All are suspended for 2 years as they tested positive on anabolic agents. 9 positive lifters means a big setback in the work against doping abuse and means that some federations does not adopt the WADA at national level and IPF has taken steps to correct this. From 2006 a federation face the risk to be suspended from IPF membership if 4 or more lifters deliver positive doping samples at international championships within 12 months.
10 Membership fee: Please pay the EPF membership fee within January to avoid the additional fee of 10 Euro extra for each month in arrear from February and on. The membership fee paid in January is 250 Euro. Please make the payment by bank transfer. The EPF bank account number is listed at top of the front page of this EPF Info and can also be found at the EPF web page.
11 Greetings from the President: The year 2005 will go to history as an active and successful year for European powerlifting. We still have problems with too many positive doping tests, but we can look back on well organised European championships – some very excellent, indeed. The EPF administration will continue to focus on technical details at our Europeans as we want best possible and equal conditions for all the lifters.

The World Games this year was very successful and a great adventure for lifters and officials that took part. Here we experienced conditions for powerlifting like more popular sports experience in the Olympics. Powerlifting should be very proud to be part of this big event and the only thing that is missing is a world wide focus from the Media. Hopefully this will be better in the future because the organisation and the performances from the athletes in the WG disciplines are fully compatible with what we see in the Olympic Games. Next year we start with combined Open Europeans for both Women and Men. This is a new challenge for the organizer but I am convinced in that this will be a step forward for our sport. Larger championships with both sexes will create a good atmosphere and more focus from media.

I am very pleased by the good co-operation and the good work in the EPF administration last year. All members are really taking great responsibility for the work delegated to each of them and EPF now has an efficient administration.

Also our member federations depend on good leadership which in turn helps the lifters to achieve good results. EPF is working for you and I want to thank you all for the good co-operation in 2005 and I wish you all the best throughout the coming year!

Published by Arnulf Wahlstrøm, EPF President

Note: This newsletter is also available for download as a Word Document