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EPFThe European Powerlifting Federation


Women's European Powerlifting Championships: There are some minor changes to the arrangements for the 2002 Women's European Powerlifting Championships. Please see the updated invitation for details.

Membership Fees: The Portuguese Federation has not paid the 2002 EPF Membership Fee and is now suspended from the EPF and IPF, excluding it from future European and World Championships. In order to lift their suspension, the Portuguese Federation must pay the Membership Fee of €250, plus a €90 fine for late payment.

Non-Approved Bars and Plates: Organisers of European championships are reminded that from 01 Jan 2003, the bar and plates used on the lifting platform MUST be from one of the IPF approved manufacturers. If this is not the case, the organiser must pay a fine of €1500 to the EPF. Note that the cost of the fine exceeds the cost of purchasing an approved bar and plates.

Doping Control Results: Of the seventeen athletes selected for doping control at the 2002 EU Cup, sixteen tested negative and one tested positive. The sixteen negative athletes were Dagmar Wang AUT, John Maxwell GBR, Frederic Tinebra FRA, Sami Nieminen FIN, Alejandro Rodriguez ESP, Mervi Sierkiš FIN, Joke van der Meulen HOL, Piotr van Hoek HOL, Gerhard Grossbeck AUT, Bas Roessen HOL, Rosemarie Beer AUT, Brenda van der Meulen HOL, Joanne Schaefer HOL, Florence Veldemann BEL, Stefan Vorp DEN, Edward Bontekoning HOL.

Note: The original version of this newsletter is available for download as a Word document.