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2003 European Masters Powerlifting Championships
Viktor Naleikin Andy Kerr Jean-Luc Collart
Viktor Naleikin (UKR) deadlifting a world masters record 330kg in the men's M2 125+kg class (Köberich photo). Andy Kerr (GBR) deadlifting 317.5kg in the men's M2 125+kg class.class (Köberich photo). Jean-Luc Collart (BEL) squatting 335kg in the men's M1 125kg class (Köberich photo).
Francois Chazelle Yaroslav Chala Petr Theuser
Francois Chazelle (FRA) deadlifting a world masters record 262.5kg in the men's M3 90kg class (Köberich photo). Yaroslav Chala (UKR) bench pressing a world masters record 183.5kg in the men's M2 90kg class (Köberich photo). Petr Theuser (CZE) deadlifting 305kg in the men's M1 90kg class (Köberich photo).
Jean-Lou Dumoulin Horst Diter Vladim Sadovnikov
Jean-Lou Dumoulin (FRA) attempting a masters European record bench press of 142.5kg in the men's M3 75kg class (Köberich photo). Horst Diter (GER) attempting a masters world record squat of 190.5kg in the men's M3 67.5kg class (Köberich photo). Vladim Sadovnikov (RUS) deadlifting a masters European record 175kg in the men's M3 60kg class (Köberich photo).
Ulrike Herchenhein Larysa Ivanova Aly Keizer
Ulrike Herchenhein (GER) deadlifting a masters world record 220kg in the women's M1 90kg class (Köberich photo). Larysa Ivanova (UKR) squatting a masters world record 240kg in the women's M1 82.5kg class (Köberich photo). Aly Keizer (NED) bench pressing a masters world record 85.5kg in the women's M2 60kg class (Köberich photo).
2003 European Junior Powerlifting Championships
Vitaliy Papazov (UKR) bench pressing a world junior record 277.5kg in the men's 125+kg class (Köberich photo). Roman Voroshylin (UKR) deadlifting a world junior record 355kg in the men's 110kg class (Köberich photo). Ivan Freydun (UKR) bench pressing a senior world record 256kg in the men's 90kg class (Köberich photo).
Dmitriy Dvornikov (RUS) squatting a world junior record 313.5kg in the men's 75kg class (Köberich photo). Alexandre Gromov (RUS) bench pressing a world junior record 195kg in the men's 67.5kg class (Köberich photo). Alexandre Zolov (RUS) attempting a world junior record 180kg bench press in the men's 60kg class (Köberich photo).
Valerya Sheglova (RUS) bench pressing a world junior record 155kg in the women's 90+kg class (Köberich photo). Evgeniy Mazaylova (RUS) squatting a world junior record 243kg in the women's 82.5kg class (Köberich photo). Irina Poletaeva (RUS) bench pressing a world junior record 122.5kg in the women's 56kg class (Köberich photo).

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